Different Types of Ceiling Materials

A ceiling does not merely function as your home’s protection or covering it also completes the creative look you want your home to have. However, the question we most often ask may be what certain materials should we choose to achieve the ceiling we want? Here are some materials you can choose from for your next home renovation!

1. Ceiling Tiles

This ceiling is usually seen on every house because they function well and are very affordable. This type of ceiling material is often installed on the supports directly however some are more creative because they can achieve ceilings that are suspended or have that dropped look. To achieve the dropped ceiling, hanger wires are bolted to the ceiling and beams are connected thus achieving a pattern that appears suspended from the ceiling. Through this type of ceiling, speakers or smoke detectors are installed easily and wires from these equipment are hidden easily as well. This ceiling type is mostly made of mineral fiber that aids in reducing noise thus it is popular in offices as well as apartments.

2. Ceiling Tins

Ceiling tins are similar to ceiling tiles however this type of ceiling material is made of tin plates. This material was famous in the late years of the 19th century up to the early 20th century. This type of material has been famous due to its flexibility in making embossed patterns or debossed ones. It helps make a room stand out and has been a great alternative to panels made of wood because it is more affordable. Due to the war, this material has become scarce because tins have been used to make equipment for military use. Since there was shortage of tin due to the war, ceiling tin’s popularity slowly faded and has been replaced with a material made of mineral fiber or now commonly known as ceiling tiles. Nowadays, it is an uncommon material to be used in houses because it is an expensive choice.

3. Wooden Panels

If you want your home to lean more on the classic vibe, wooden panels will certainly help you achieve that goal. This type of ceiling is traditional and are arranged vertically however you can always be more creative and arranged it as you like. Some opt for the diagonal arrangement to refrain from the standard look of how wooden panels appear. Moreover, wooden panels have also various shapes and sizes thus giving you a lot more options to be creative and gives you the liberty to create patterns you want.

4. Drywall

Drywall is a common choice of material when it comes to building walls and ceilings. This material makes installation more efficient and requires less effort. Compared to ceiling tiles that takes a lot of time to install, drywall is an easier option when it comes to installation and will not require you to hire a lot of people because it can be easily done with few men involved. This material is made of gypsum that is famous for its rigidity thus ensuring that you will have a more durable and sturdier wall or ceiling.

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