Are you looking for signs to help you figure out if you need a new set of roof? Homeowners rarely know when to decide to replace their roofs because of not spotting the right signs. To help you be safe in the coming winter or perhaps help you handle a sudden skyrocket in your electric bill, here are some signs to look out for to make sure you call the roofing service near you to help you with your roofing problems.

1. Roof age

Is your home a bit old? Have you not been able to replace your roof since you moved in the home you are currently staying in? Professionals are in unison in the lifespan of roofs that ranges between 20 to 25 years. If you have a roof that are in layers that have not been replaced for many years, you should call a roofing service near you to avoid safety problems and electric bill problems in the future.

2. Shingles curling and buckling

The shingles in your roof plays a big role in ensuring that you won’t have any leakages at home or that your roofing won’t have mold buildup. If you have curled shingles or shingles that are buckling, it is a a sign to get help form a roofing professional to replace your roof. Shingles that are curled means they are already beyond their limit span of use thus resulting to a defect in your roofing at home. If you are affiliated with a roofing service, make sure to make a call if there are any reimbursement available.

3. Roof valleys

Just like a missing tooth makes or breaks a smile, a single shingle in your home’s roofing tells the tale if you need or not need a roof replacement. The valley in your roof is very important because its role involves making sure the rain or snow are directed towards the gutter. If you have a valley that is not functioning well, you should expect leaks any time soon.

4. Shingle granules

Check your gutters regularly. Sometimes gutter cleaning can be a hassle as it can accumulate leaves and other fallen materials, however if you have noticed that your gutters have shingle granules in it, you should call a roofing service near you because you will need to replace your roof. Granules from your roof shingles is a sign that your shingles are past their ability to cope. Once your shingles starts to lose granules, it will continue to do so thus calling a professional as early as you notice granules in your gutter will help you eliminate further damage in your roofing.

5. Daylight through the roof boards

If you try walking in your roof and you feel a bounce, you should have your roof checked because chances are the foundation of your roof has started to crumble. Problems like these are often due to moisture. You can also check safely through going to your home’s attic. If you see a daylight from the roof of your home, then you should probably call for help from a roofing professional. When it comes to moisture problems, have your roof’s insulation checked as well.

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